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Many believe Marijuana is great for relaxation and fun, and that’s why they consume it on a regular or partial basis. There are many music events where cannabis is a necessary part of the event. Still, it is important to mention that Marijuana is not totally harmless and can even create serious side-effects in particular circumstances. That’s the reason why all should be careful when it comes to consumption. That’s especially correct in the case of regular consumers.

Marijuana May Cause Serious Psychological Addiction

Marijuana does not create a physical dependence like heroin, for example. But the regular users can develop psychological addiction over time. Anyone can experience that after several months of constant consumption, and that’s not a joke, definitely. Marijuana is also considered a gateway for harder drugs, and many who consume it also use other narcotics. If you end up in such a company, you might be offered some other substances, and they can lead you to the real horror.

Those are some of the important reasons why cannabis is forbidden by law in many countries. Possession, production, distribution, and consumption in those territories can lead you to serious imprisonments in the most serious cases.

Harsh Penalties for Criminal Offenders in Some Countries

Singapore, for example, is known as a country with very strict rules regarding different drugs, it is possible to get even the death penalty if you possess big quantities of any narcotic. On the other hand, there are jurisdictions with quite the opposite laws and regulations when it comes to this matter.

Counties and States with Legalized Cannabis

All probably know for the Netherlands where marijuana is fully legal for decades. There are also states within the US that legalized the consumption and possession of marijuana. California hemp is one of these. In that territory, you can freely buy and use cannabis if you are of an appropriate age. Minors, however, are not allowed to use and purchase this product which means you have to be at least 21 years old if you want to do this.

That state also produces domestic California hemp, and the manufacturers make a serious profit from the business. It is happening despite the legal battle that still continues regarding this matter. People usually turn to a marijuana dispensary in California when they need to buy and smoke Cannabis. And there are many objects of this type all over that state.

Different Citizen’s Initiatives Demand Prohibition of Cannabis Products

On the other hand, there are different initiatives of citizens who fight against the legalization of marijuana. Their main intention is to close down all the producers and sellers of this product in that jurisdiction. There are similar initiatives in other states with flexible laws regarding this issue, so it is still an open question.

The initiatives are good because they can indicate a problem, but they are not solutions by themselves. It is up to citizens to approve or disapprove of them, so the authorities will later follow the people’s will. Also, young people should be aware of potentially harmful effects marijuana might cause because that’s the most suitable way to protect their health and avoid any problems.