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Still, there is a time in which you want more than just one or 2 blades and since I had been introduced into the entire universe of multi-tools from the late 80’s I have been a fanatic ever since. Nothing comes near to an excellent multi-tool once you require absolute sturdiness and usefulness in an EDC form element.

Within this column, I will reveal to you the total of the ten most useful multi-tools available in the industry now. You may well be surprised to realize they’re ALL produced by Leatherman — nevertheless, you also ought to not be.

Leatherman could be the undisputed king of multi-tools and only pitched in my own opinion. Go out of me, whatever you’ll need is Leatherman.

Therefore, without further ado, here is my set of the leading multitools.


Obviously, I am speaking about the new-wave which replaced the initial Wave in 2004 and contains mastered the multi-tool realm since.

The Wave is presently a full-sized multi-tool with 17 tools packed right to a superbly designed human body that’s small enough to carry.

It comprises 2 pliers, cable cutters, 2 420HC blades (among these is much serrated), a saw, scissors, and a wood/metal document plus a diamond-coated document, two drivers, a jar opener, two double-ended pieces, plus more.

The Wave consists of 100% metal, also carries a lanyard attachment and also a leather/nylon sheath. You’re able to attain your Wave in plain metal with a trendy looking black oxide finish.

There is a reason that this was Leatherman’s hottest version for more than ten years — that the look is innovative, the standard is outstanding and also the significance of the money is unrivaled.

Do not misunderstand me, Leatherman has life-size versions for all anyone who has money to burn off up but also the balance between features, cost and quality is pretty much perfect with the Wave. If you are unsure exactly what to buy, understand this — you probably may not repent it.

It features a premium excellent S30V steel knife and also a 420HC serrated knife using cutting edge hook, and either a small and a big bit driver which has a little choice of pieces. There are 1 9 tools whatsoever. Additionally, you receive yourself a moderate screwdriver, two scissors, files, a saw, and also a can/bottle opener.

The Charge TTi comprises a replaceable pocket and quick-release lanyard ring also includes superior sculpted titanium handle scales to get great relaxation.

Ostensibly, the Charge TTi features a blade that is better that is sold with an improved sheath and also a lot of pieces and is complete a little lighter compared to Wave. It’s a few additional tools as well as the ceramic handle is more advanced than stainless.

Perhaps not in my own opinion. For those who have the money do this, otherwise, adhere to the Wave.


At number 3 is your Leatherman Skeletool, a lightweight 5 oz multi-tool using 7 gear at a4″, mean-looking package. The Skeletool additionally comprises a carabiner/bottle opener and also a large piece driver.

Insert on Leatherman’s optional 2 1 double-ended bit kit, and now also you also expand the chances tremendously.

The human body of this Skeletool is manufactured of metal, with 6061t6 aluminum handle mounts. The light 5 oz weight can make this the most alluring full-size multi-tool available in the industry. This multi-tool comes with a belt clip but regrettably, will not include a typical sheath, and that means you are going to need to purchase just one as an optional attachment.

The actual attraction here’s hardness whilst the Skeletool can certainly fit on your key chain and extends unnoticed at the pocket. Additionally, in the price, it is really a bargain. Sure you won’t be getting each of the usefulness of this Wave or even Charge TTi nonetheless it’s got you covered in the majority of situations.

Stepping to a bigger, but full-sized, Leatherman tool we arrived at the Juice CS4. The Juice CS4 is created for individuals who have bigger hands and can be just 3.25″ long when closed.

You are able to very quickly think about this Juice CS4 for being a mini-Wave using a couple of things left outside to receive it into a more compact package.

Do not allow its small stature fool you, even though, since it includes 15 distinct tools, for example, needlenose and regular pliers, including hard-wire and cable cutters, and also a 420HC knife.

Additionally, you receive yourself a saw, scissors, and an awl, a bottle/can opener, and also just a corkscrew. Rounding out the choice, you can find just four distinct screwdrivers, from extra small into medium/large and Phillips-head. The 6061 t6 hard-anodized aluminum grips create the multi-tool strong yet light, and also the handle additionally includes Sort II blue anodized aluminum for a special look.

I truly like the Juice CS4 also it has really a close call between it and also the Skeletool. They are both relatively small however, the Cs-4 is a bit smaller compared to Skeletool and approximately half of an ounce heavier.

My own taste would be that the Skeletool also’s really less costly than the CS4, and so I gave it the advantage in this list.


Even the Surge is just one of those boys and infact among Leatherman’s biggest models. It’s filled with 2 1 tools, for example, the most significant pliers at Leatherman’s lineup, 154CM replaceable cable cutters and hard-wire cutters, stranded-wire cutters as well as an electric crimper.

The multi-tool additionally comprises two 420HC knives one serrated plus something maybe not, spring-action scissors, along with also an awl having a ribbon loop.

Insert into a can opener, bottle opener, just two files, and screwdrivers, and more, and also you’ve got virtually any tool it’s possible to picture. It will come from stainless or black, and also carries a leather and nylon sheath.

Make no mistake, the Surge is really just a significant responsibility monster and also for all anyone rougher tasks could be the sole multi-tool which are certain to find the business finished. I really enjoy it much but it’s typically retained in my tote also loses points for being an “EDC” tool.

There exists a time and a location for your own Surge to get certain, but it undoubtedly lacks the flexibility and durability of its sized cousins.

Next up may be your Squirt PS-4, the littlest multi-tool inside our lineup nonetheless still with a lot of awesome capabilities. The Squirt PS-4 includes spring-action needlenose and regular pliers, in addition to spring-action cable cutters.

This very small multi-tool weighs just two oz and it is 2.25″ long shut. It features an integral ring attachment, which means that you may keep it directly together along with your keys for simple access.

This little guy is exceptionally convenient owing to the small dimensions and you should hardly feel it in your pocket. It’s going to be near useless in those significant responsibility situations but will handle the majority of the regular odd jobs throughout your home with no difficulties. Stylish yet practical and incredibly cheap.


Even the Crunch multi-tool is somewhat unique from the remainder. It has built around bending pliers (ViseGrips) which can be large enough to catch a 1-inch pipe. The Crunch’s been in existence for over ten decades now but still going strong because of the distinctive feature collection.

I must say I enjoy the Crunch chiefly as a result of those bending pliers along with its size. Rarely would you look for that a toolset such as this including ViseGrips such a little package? Quality technology and also the normal Leatherman feel and fit we’ve come to anticipate.

The Super Tool 300 is yet still another huge guy although perhaps maybe not as high as the Surge. It weighs 9.6 oz, and it is 4.5″ long when closed.

You obtain 1 9 tools, for example, needlenose and regular pliers, including 154CM replaceable cable and hard-wire cutters, in addition to stranded-wire cutters as well as an electric crimper.

Additionally, you provide your wood/metal document, can/bottle opener, and a multitude of 4 distinct screw drivers. At length, it’s readily available in stainless steel or black and includes some nylon/leather sheath.

The Super Tool 300 is as though a piece of an oddball if you ask me personally. It basically stays between your Wave and the Surge concerning size, number, and weight of gear.

On the other hand, it’s really a fair bit more expensive than the majority of the and that I provide it much credit for it. If you should be around the fence between a normal size or the major boy Surge then maybe the ST300 it that the perfect guy for you personally.

Very Comparable into this Skeletool, We’ve Got that exactly the Skeletool CX. A marginally higher priced brother into the Skeletool, the Skeletool CX simplifies the mixing blade using a 154CM non-serrated knife.

The grips on the Skeletool CX is metal using carbon-fiber handle scales and also Tungsten DLC scratch-resistant coating. This baby still weighs in at only five oz, comprises a belt clip, but nonetheless will not send with a sheath.

Proceed with this version if you are able to afford to lose an additional $20 versus the Skeletool. Still, think that a 50% premium within the Skeletool is somewhat much for everything you will get here ergo that I rate the Skeletool higher overall.

The Charge AL is just a slimmed-down version of this Charge TTi that can be of course a little more economical. It sports 17 integral tools, including vases which can be lockable for extra-close work and therefore so are sharp enough to cut just about anything.

The multi-tool includes a 154CM blade and also a 420HC serrated knife, in addition to both the needlenose and regular pliers. For cutting edge wires, you’ve got hard-wire cutters and stranded cable cutters, and a cable stripper.

The Charge AL also comprises 2 files, both the bottle/can opener, along with large and small bit drivers and a few bits that are essential. The pocket clip and also quick-release lanyard ring is replaceable, however, the multi-tool will not include a sheath.

To me personally, the Charge AL Is just like a wimpier version of this Charge TTi. It’s lacking lots of the high-end features of this TTi for example, the S30V blade along with ceramic grips however a superb choice if you’d like something between your Wave and the Charge TTi.

Have a look at my detailed contrast table below to most of your crucial specs in a glimpse. Anything you opt for undoubtedly it’s going to create a superb addition for your own pocket, utility jar, or handle box.

While I believe that Leatherman gets the most useful multi-tools you will find a few adequate models around in different manufacturers. Some notable statements comprise the following:

$100) — a stone solid tool with 2 4 tools at a fantastic package. $ 3-5) — Knife manufacturer CRKT has been doing a wonderful job differentiating from the audience using this innovative but alternatively major multi-tool. $40) — Quite like many Leatherman offerings, however, much less well made in my own opinion.

If you are wondering just how exactly I rank those multi-tools that there are a range of factors I think.

Build Excellent

It goes without mentioning that multi-tools have plenty of moving parts and also the quality is essential if it’s likely to last. That which ought to be tight and nice and also the various tools should proceed fluidly without a lot of friction.

The sharp gears should lock in place securely and also the hints about the pliers should bond in excellent unison. With the better-quality multi-tools, you greatly reduce the probability of corrosion that is something that plagues all metallic items as time passes.


Probably one of the most useful gear would be your blade so that much like knife blades it’s about the steel. The greater that the steel, the more it’s going to hold its sharp edge.

Style and Style

Best pocket knives and tool manufacturers revolve around jamming a lot in their services and products they forget a vital component that’s the look and ergonomics.

A smart design will let you make the most of the tool-to-weight ratio in addition to feeling absolutely comfortable in the hand. The very most effective designs can minimize”dead space” that permits gunk and fuzz to get and also prohibits cleaning.

Worth for cash

Last but most certainly not least is worth the money. It’s simple to rank services and products when money isn’t a thing, but we have budgets along with also what you buy for your hard-earned buck is frequently the most crucial metric.

I search for all those exceptional models using an innovative design that provide you more than your rivalry to get the dollar for dollar basis and also reflect enormous affordable.