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Farm Stand

You can create a roadside farm stand if you own land in a good location and grow or produce food from the rest of your land.

Produce Farm

You can also use the land to plant and then sell it to restaurants or food retail outlets.


RVs take up much space and are often not used very often. It is possible to start a business in which you store your RVs on your land for a fee.

Boat Storage

You can also store your boat on your land, especially if you live near water.


Your vacant land might be near a tourist area, or offer some unique views and other features. You could make it a campground or rent it out to tourists.

Firewood Business

You can also use your buy land in tulum to harvest timber or firewood if it is well-stocked with trees. You could also gather wood from different sources and make your land more productive.

Wind Farm

Alternative energy is a rapidly growing industry. Wind farms can also be built on vacant land if it is in a good location.

Solar Energy

Similar to the above, you could also install solar panels and collaborate with local communities, businesses, or energy providers to offer solar power.

Self Storage Facility

You can also use the space for storage and offer self-storage options to local customers.

Raising Livestock

If you have the space and knowledge to raise cattle like cattle, you could create a business from it.

Dairy Farm

You can also raise dairy cows and make milk products such as cheese and milk.

Horse Stable

You could also open a horse stable where you offer lessons and riding opportunities.

Wool Processing

You can start a business processing the wool of sheep or alpacas to make yarn and fabric.

Goat Rentals

For those with the space and ability necessary to raise goats, there is a unique opportunity for a business. They can be rented to other landowners as low-cost options for lawn mowing.

Educational Farm

A farm can be turned into an educational farm if it is set up on your property.

Summer Camp

A summer camp could also be an option. This will allow kids to enjoy outdoor recreational activities.

Sports Fields

Or, you could rent them to schools and groups.

Corn Maze

A corn maze is a way to attract people to your land.

Hay Rides

You can also pull your guests on a wagon and use a tractor to create a fall-themed ride.

Petting Zoo

You could also allow a variety of animals on your land, and have a petting zoo for people to pay to visit.

Apple Orchard

Visitors can also enjoy apple orchards as outdoor attractions. Visitors can pay admission, pick their apples, and offer a variety of apple-based products.

Christmas Tree Farm

You can also grow pine trees in your yard and allow people to come and purchase Christmas trees.

Ice Rink

It is possible to set up an outdoor skating rink on your land.


Another way to grow products is to set up a vineyard that produces wine from your grapes.

Golf Course

While it is not an easy task to set up if you have the space and land you can build your golf course.

Junk Yard

It is simpler to create a junkyard business, where people can bring their unwanted items. Then you can sell these unwanted items to others for scrap.

Hunting Property

A hunting property is a landowner in rural areas that can be paid to hunt.

Outdoor Shooting Range

Another option is to set up an outdoor shooting area where people can practice their target shooting skills.

Paintball Course

A paintball course could be a more recreational business. You could welcome customers to your land.

Cycling Course

A course could be set up where riders can motocross, BMX bike, or engage in similar activities.

Zipline Course

If you have enough space and the equipment to do so, you might even be able to set up a zipline for people to pay, especially if you have interesting views.

Tiny House Manufacturer

Tiny homes are in fashion. If you have the right materials, you can build these tiny houses on your land. You could even use it as a mobile home park.

Glamping Facility

Glamping is another popular concept. This is shorthand for glamorous camping. However, it would have more amenities.

Drive-In Theater

An older, more business idea that is still very popular is to set up an outdoor theatre that people can visit in their cars.

Concert Venue

You could also set up a platform and rent it out to musicians or promoters of events.

Event Rentals

You can also lease the space to host events such as weddings or corporate retreats.

Landscape Supply Storage

Many home-based businesses, such as landscaping and home supply, don’t have enough storage space to store all the items that they use or sell frequently. This is why you might start a storage business.

Training facility

You can also make your space available for training, where companies and employees can learn about topics like landscaping, construction, and drone operation.

Plant Nursery

A greenhouse can be built on your property to allow you to grow your plants. You may also sell your plants at a local plant market.


Beekeeping – Another in-demand business that needs a lot of space to run safely.

Attractions along the roadside

If you offer a gift shop or charge admission to a roadside attraction such as the largest spool of thread in the world, then it can be a business.

Outdoor Advertising

If you have land near major roads or areas of high traffic, you can create a billboard or similar outdoor advertising structure to make money.

Antiques Market

In rural areas, antique markets can take up large amounts of space and are very popular. It is possible to set up your antique marketplace that visitors can visit on your land.


Or, you could set up a carpentry shop and use the space for large-scale furniture construction.

Farmers’ Market

Cities and community groups often host farmers’ markets. However, if you have a market need in your community, you can set it up on your land and charge vendors a small fee.

Pop-up Facility

The Oder, you could rent your land out to other businesses so they can host events and pop-up shops.

Outdoor Yoga Studio

If you own a piece of land that is scenic or tranquil, you might be able to open your outdoor yoga studio or facility offering similar activities.

Art Installation

It is also possible to create an outdoor art installation that people pay to see. It is also possible to allow people access for free but only charge for items or food.

Outdoor Photography Studio

Consider using your land for an outdoor photo studio to capture unique landscapes and portraits.

Parking Lot

You could also set up a parking area and charge people a fee to park on your vacant land.