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Instagram is used by over a billion people. Eighty-one percent of those users say Instagram helps them study products and services, and two-thirds say it has made them feel more connected to a company.

One of your most significant growth methods is brand involvement on social media. One of the keys to that interaction, by the way? “Likes” on Instagram.

Your involvement increases as a result of likes, comments, views, and reshares. So, what should a brand do?

We’ll show you how to obtain more Instagram likes with ten simple tactics in this article.

10 Instagram Tips for Increasing Likes

With these simple tactics, you can increase the number of people who engage with your posts.

Maintain Consistency

Consistent posting is one of the most important principles for gaining likes and followers. You should post when people are online to get the most views and likes.

As your following grows, you should establish a posting schedule, such as providing the same type of content on the same day every week. Throwback Thursday (#TBT) and Follow Friday (#FF) are two popular weekly trends.

Aim to post on a regular basis during high-traffic hours.

Share Incredible Photographs

Okay, we realize this may seem self-evident, but the best way to buy cheap instagram followers likes is to post truly scroll-stopping photographs. Brands and influencers who upload the most appealing photographs receive the most likes on the app.

Consider that for a moment. People are idly scrolling through Instagram until they come across a great photo that makes them stop. You want them to take a break from reading your content!

Learn how to take good images and use a photo editing program to help you enhance your final image.

Captions should be used strategically.

With everything we’ve discussed about photographs, you might assume captions aren’t necessary.


Captions are essential for attracting attention and creating more “likeable” material. The photo draws readers to your post, but the caption establishes a connection and generates likes.

Longer captions with relevant keywords aid in search engine optimization and draw followers into your brand’s story. In a decent caption, you should display individuality and show your followers that your post has a human element. Use empathy and connection to your advantage.

With the Right Hashtags, You Can Expand Your Audience

Use the proper hashtags! This is one of the best ways to acquire more Instagram likes.

You may utilize hashtags to ensure that your target audience finds you, follows you, and enjoys your material by using them.

We have a few pointers that you can use right away:

Don’t use hashtags that are too broad: If you use hashtags that are too broad, your material will be hidden behind billions of other posts. Instead, consider hashtags that will appeal to your specific specialized audience. Those are the folks who will show interest in you.

Use three to eleven hashtags: Using too many hashtags can make you appear desperate or inexperienced. However, you should utilize at least a tiny amount to increase your chances of being noticed.

Consider the following hashtags for your brand: Coca-Cola (#ShareACoke), McDonald’s (#McDStories), and Calvin Klein (#MyCalvins) all have their own hashtags that they promote. You can get greater momentum for your brand or business by encouraging your followers to post using your hashtag.

Brands and accounts that are relevant to you should be tagged.

Tagging other brands is a terrific method to gain more likes. Tag any brands whose products or content appear in your shot. There’s a good chance they’ll like your post or maybe reshare it and tag you in it.

This labeling method is not only polite, but it can also boost your visibility, authority, and, of course, likes.

Make use of location tags.

Instagram users utilize location tags to get travel, food, and even retail recommendations. Use location tags to gain additional traction by focusing on your local area or a popular place that is relevant to your business.

Make sure your shot is relevant to the setting and stands out among the crowd.

Create contests and giveaways based on your followers’ likes.

How do you obtain Instagram likes? Inquire about them!

Increased involvement can be as simple as that. To attract traffic, use a product giveaway, cooperation, or contest — and make sure that providing a like is one of the entry requirements.

These initiatives can be hugely effective, especially if you team up with another company. Collaborations use the competition criteria to boost both businesses’ follower counts and encourage likes and comments.

Users are encouraged to tag a friend.

You can also ask or dare users to tag a buddy, similar to the suggestion above. Consider this: if you have 1,000 users, each of whom tags a friend who subsequently sees your page, your page’s views have doubled!

Tagging requirements might be included in a contest or giveaway, or you can simply include a cute caption encouraging people to share.

“Tag the person you’d most like to travel to Ireland with!” for example.

Keep up with the latest trends.

It goes without saying that good content is required to gain likes. However, what constitutes “excellent” or “popular” content might shift over time. When a trend is put to good use, people are ecstatic.

Follow influencer accounts or brands with substantial online clout to keep on top of trends. Take a look at what’s working for them. What types of visuals do they share? What kind of images are they using? What is their self-description?

Memes are another wonderful approach to produce viral content. Some of the most well-known corporations will produce content based on current humour and memes. These posts receive a lot of attention, likes, and reshares.

Contribute to Your Stories

Instagram engagement is no longer limited to posts. You can now generate a variety of content types, including:

Instagram Live IGTV Reels Stories

Many users choose to interact with stories rather than their timeline. However, in order to earn more likes, people must really view your content. What is the solution? Share your post directly to your story so that it appears at the top of your followers’ feeds.

Last Thoughts

Look no further if you’re wondering how to obtain more Instagram likes. To increase likes, engagement, and ultimately influence, try these ten simple strategies and tricks.

Social networking is critical for your company’s online presence, and it can even help with SEO. Start planning your social media strategy right now!