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8 Best GTA 5 Game Mods Dining Tables That Will Be Great Addition To Your Home

Grand Theft Auto V, the pinnacle of Rockstar Games, has finally arrived on PC. With first-person gameplay from the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions and an incredible video editor for you to experiment with, the magnificent sandbox adventure turns up the graphics to 11. Of course, when the PC gaming master race gets involved, there’s more to it than that.

With the transition to keyboard and mouse, RBX Paste GTA V is now available for all kinds of tinkering and modification by the best modders in the world, allowing you to experience 2013’s instant classic in a whole new way. from acting as police officers to flying like Superman. There are already a ton of fantastic hacks to advance GTA V, such as simply becoming a train conductor. Join us as we focus on a select handful of the best.

1. Be made into legislation

You now have the opportunity to hold the thin blue line rather than blowing it apart with a rocket launcher after playing 11 GTA games where you had to run and shoot your way past the police. It’s up to you to team up, get in your cop car, and keep an eye out for crimes on the police scanner thanks to the script that intrepid modder dehan has written. Watch this mod closely since it can only become better.

2. Draw inspiration from Half-Life 2

Half-Life 2 revolutionized first-person shooters in 2004 with its intricate plot and physics engine, but the amazing Gravity Gun was the game’s true hero. With the help of this script, which enables you to zap objects and levitate them like a homicidal David Copperfield, you can now test out those gravity-bending abilities in GTA. Ace.

3. Take off like Superman

BASE Jumping off Mount Chiliad is certainly an exhilarating experience, but how about floating through Los Santos like you’re wearing a cape? That’s exactly what this hack does—it endows you with superhuman abilities that enable you fly. Sure, you appear a little ridiculous while you’re in the air, but it won’t be long before the modding community puts Supes’ famous pose behind lock and key. Where is a Spider-Man swinging mod right now?

4. Is Train Simulator still necessary?

There seems to be a simulation game available now for practically any pastime (and animal), from Farm Simulator to Goat Simulator. A new PC mod adds the ability to actually control the game’s trains from the cockpit, complete with detailed controls and levers, making it more like Train Simulator: Los Santos than a day in the life of Trevor Phillips. Rockstar’s GTA franchise is already essentially a crime sim, jet ski sim, golf sim, tennis sim, and yoga sim in one.

5. Fire at automobiles. Really.

Sure, you have AK-47s, submachine guns, and rocket launchers, but the GTA V base game glaringly lacks an awesome vehicle cannon. Obviously. You can shoot out cars, vans, and trucks like water from a Super Soaker if you arm yourself with this ludicrous device.

6. Customize your car

Los Santos Customs offers a variety of methods for you to customize your favorite vehicle, but what about giving it GTA: San Andreas-style hydraulic effects? Until now, it has not been possible for both games to take place in the same area. A mod by LetsPlayOrDy gives your automobile fully controllable hydraulics, allowing you to bounce it up and down or use it to bunny hop through regular Los Santos traffic.

7. Make GTA a driving simulator

Despite having a large environment and a wide variety of vehicles, GTA lacks one essential component that would make it stand out to racing fans: manual transmission. Exactly that has been implemented by one modder, and while shifting gears with a gamepad or keyboard isn’t as simple as it is in real life, replacing the automated gearbox with something a little more difficult would undoubtedly increase driving aficionados’ appreciation of GTA V and make races more exciting.

8. Whales spawn everywhere.

Install Script Hook V if you only install one GTA V mod that honors Douglas Adams’ book Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. The power to spawn nearly anything will keep you hooked despite the fact that Alexander Blade’s hack unleashes a ton of choices for you to muck around with, including an immediate skin changer, a teleporter, and a simple repair for erasing your wanted level. something like a whale the earth. Play the film.