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The Effects of Steroids on the Building of Muscle Improving Your Swimming Speed By These Simple Steps

Steroid usage in sports is said to be common at all levels. While professional sports organizations test players on a regular basis and make the results public, steroid misuse is also on the rise among minors. The usage of anabolic steroids at this level is prohibited, thus it goes unnoticed. The impact of steroids on sports may be more widespread than we realize.

Steroids, particularly testosterone, testosterone cypionate for sale have long been used in sports to boost performance. Athletes’ attempts to improve their performance using testosterone were reported as early as 776 BC. Those athletes, like today’s athletes, were battling for prestige and money rather than honor.

Anabolic steroids are said to improve performance, speed up muscular development, and aid recovery from over-exertion. Few studies of the long-term consequences of steroid misuse have been undertaken since they are illegal. Steroids, on the other hand, are known to have the following negative effects:

– infertility in men: large breasts, balding, reduced testicles
– for both: acne, liver irregularities, aggressiveness, depression, and cardiovascular issues – for both: deeper voice, more body hair, and balding

Using anabolic steroids is similar to playing Russian Roulette in that you don’t know what you’ll get until it’s too late.

So why would anyone take the chance? In sports, the urge to compete and win begins early. At Little League games, there are no parents on the bleachers encouraging their children to lose! This pressure is amplified in high school, when exceptional grades may lead to acceptance into college and, eventually, professional positions. Parents, as well as school coaches and instructors, encourage their children to achieve for the same reasons, which leads to steroid misuse. Peer pressure in terms of looks is also a factor to consider. Successful, rich, ‘cool’ individuals display strong physiques that young people lust for, whether they are sports stars or rap artists. Bigger is better when it comes to muscles. Muscles, in the view of the majority of adolescent guys, also get the girls running.