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GTA 5 is a game with an expansive world, in which you can do anything you like. You can complete missions and advance through the story, but you can also ignore them and just play the game for as long as possible.

It can be difficult to travel around the map without fulfilling the main missions. You’d have to be very poor to get some of the items. Mod menus are here to help. Mod menus can transform your GTA 5 experience into a personal, enjoyable ride that enhances your overall experience. These are the top five GTA 5 mod menus you can try.

Five of the best mod menus in GTA 5

1) PC Trainer V

PC Trainer V allows you to change or modify the world of GTA 5 as per your wishes. You don’t like the weather? You can change it. Do you prefer to be protected by bodyguards? Get some. You don’t like the night/day cycle? It should be removed.

PC Trainer V lets you make many changes to your game. These can include how you look and how Los Santos will look.



– Bodyguards

Weather Controls

– Weapons options

– Personal options

2) Enhanced Native Trainee

Enhanced Native Trainer is another mod menu that allows you to add various customizations to your GTA 5 gameplay. You can control everything, from your character to pedestrians on the streets.

The Enhanced Native Trainer makes it easier than ever for you to modify weapons, characters, peds or cars. You can also teleport to other places, saving time and avoiding the hassle of driving to get there.


– Skin customizer

– Vehicle customizer

– Weapon customizer

– Additional vehicles and organized transportation

– Additional teleport locations available in organized and more centralized manner

3) Firah Menu

Firah Menu is a great mod menu if you want to transform your open world into a completely new experience.

You can easily spawn any vehicle and add any attachments to it. You can also change the weather or add infinite ammo to your wallet. You can even toggle between modes such as Never Wanted or God mode.


– Self-employment

Vehicle spawner


– Weapon options

Teleport to other places

4) Menyoo Computer

Menyoo PC Single-player Trainer Mod has been designed specifically to enhance a player’s experience of the GTA 5 story mode from the Paragon trainer. This mod menu is the most downloaded and preferred by many players.

This is due to the simple fact that you can change your gameplay to almost anything using this mod menu. You will enjoy an immersive experience thanks to the mod’s realistic changes to your open-world.


Vehicle options

– Weapon options

Weather Control

– Add a task

– Player options

5) A Simple Trainer for GTA V

Simple Trainer for GTA V is an extremely easy-to-use mod menu that adds several customization options to your game.

Mods allow you to modify the movements and jumps off your character. The Simple Trainer is ideal for those who don’t want to learn complicated mods.


– Personal options

– Weapons options

– Vehicle spawner

– Increase your money

– Mode

You can play GTA 5 as a monkey or cat or a fish or any other non-human animal that we eat, keep, or use as a pet. ScriptHook has you covered.

Not only can you play as critters, but it also changes other game values, according to an explanation from PC Gamer.

These values include making modifications to the world, physics, and weapons, as well as enabling modders to add scripts.

ScriptHook is only available in single-player mode. It won’t work in GTA Online – Rockstar would be very upset.

You can thank Alexander Blade over on the GTA Forums for this, and if I haven’t said it enough already, I love modders. You guys rock so hard.