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You’ve made the decision to purchase a motorhome. You are now part of a growing group of motorhome owners who enjoy the freedom and independence of motorhoming. It’s priceless to be able to travel anywhere you want, change your mind halfway and go somewhere else.

You probably already know this! It can be daunting to become a motorhome owner for the first time. We share our top tips with beginners so that you can motorhome confidently.

This is an important topic and we have so much to share on how to sell my motorhome fast, you might want to pin it and save it for later. For more information on motorhome life, you can visit the Motorhome Advice webpage.

Our ebook, “A Complete Guide for Motorhome Beginnings”, contains all of our beginner resources and many other useful information that you won’t find anywhere else. This is one of our top-selling motorhome guides. It combines all our knowledge into one easy-to-read, downloadable volume that you can take wherever you go.

Motorhome Buying Tips

There are many models and types of motorhomes on the market.

You can check out the new models and see the quality of the different brands at the Out and About Live shows if you’re looking to buy new or almost new.

Rent a motorhome and see if you like the lifestyle. It’s a good idea to spend a week learning the basics of a motorhome and to get a feel for how it feels to live in one. Our step-by-step guide will help you to understand everything about renting a motorhome.

You can find information about specific models in motorhome magazines or on Facebook. There are many motorhome groups including ours, where you will also find motorhome advice for beginners and campervan tips.

Learn the pros and cons to owning a motorhome in uk. Also, check out our posts on why you should choose a motorhome or how to buy a motorhome. This will allow you to choose the best van for you.

Our motorhome search service is a great option if you are buying your first motorhome.

How to Buy a Motorhome that’s Right For You – Everything You Need To Know

The biggest purchase you will ever make is choosing a campervan or motorhome. It’s also high on many people’s wish list. To ensure that you get the right motorhome, read our buyers guide.

32 The Pros and Cons of Owning A Motorhome in the UK & Europe

Is motorhome ownership for me? Should I purchase a campervan or motorhome? Let’s take a look at the pros and disadvantages of owning a motorhome here in Europe and the UK, so that you can make a decision about whether campervan or motorhome ownership is right for your needs.

Which is better, a campervan or a motorhome? Which is right for you?

It is an important decision to buy a recreational vehicle. It can be difficult to make the right choice if you are a first-time purchaser of a motorhome or campervan. This article will discuss the differences between campervans & motorhomes, and offer some helpful tips to help you make the right decision.

15 Amazing Reasons to Choose Motorhome Living

Are you thinking about making your motorhome dream a reality? These are the top 15 reasons why you should own a motorhome.

Tips to Buy a Motorhome Securely

Before you part with your cash, make sure you are fully aware of the scams involved in buying a used motorhome or campervan from eBay. Although eBay is a great platform to find motorhomes, we have not purchased any.

You should have a damp check performed independently. This will ensure that the motorhome’s habitation area is functioning properly and you don’t have to spend large sums to get damp fixed. This is important because checks can be falsified.

Motorhome damp or habitation check can cost around PS200, depending on where you live. This will make it the most expensive option when you’re looking for the perfect second-hand vehicle.

Be aware that not all dealers selling used motorhomes are the same. Some dealers have terrible reputations. Again, Facebook can be a great resource of information.

If possible, make sure that you have a warranty. If something goes wrong, you will have a way to get your money back.

To pay a deposit or part of the deposit if you are buying a motorhome new or used from a dealer, you can use a credit-card. You will be covered under Section75 of the Consumer Credit Act if the dealer goes bankrupt or your motorhome is damaged. You cannot use this protection for motorhomes purchased via Ebay as any credit card payments you make will have to be done through Paypal.

You should ensure that you verify the seller of your motorhome if you’re buying it privately. It’s possible that it is too good to be true.

To ensure that your motorhome is financially sound, get an HPI Check.

You should consider bringing someone who is familiar with motorhomes to your viewing; they will be able to verify that all systems such as heating, solar charger, hot water, etc. work properly (although you can also do a habitation inspection).

If the vehicle has not had any service in the past, it is worth having the engine checked out by a mechanic.

Top tip Never pay for a motorhome nor place a deposit until after you’ve viewed it and are completely satisfied. Although it sounds obvious, people often get caught unawares.

To help you when you are looking at a motorhome, you can use our buying a used one checklist. This checklist contains a complete list of all the things you need to look at and reminds you of the most important points.

Get started on your journey to living life on the road with our exclusive checklists, free tips, and more

Consider where you will keep your motorhome when it’s not in use. What are the dimensions of it? What size will it be?

Secure motorhome storage is also an option. Although it is more expensive, you can rest assured that your motorhome will not be stolen.

You should think about security options for your motorhome, including trackers, alarms, immobilizers, and physical security. In fact, some motorhome insurance companies may require you to have these security measures in place. The Camping & Caravanning Club has a great article about motorhome security.

Top tip Ensure you receive a thorough handover by the dealer or private seller when you collect your motorhome. Learn how the systems work. Know where to fill fresh water and waste. Understand the controls and how they work. Also, know where the locking wheel nut and spare wheel are located.

You can find more information about motorhomes and the available options and equipment by clicking the links below. You might want to consider sat-nav’s or TV’s for this stage as they can be costly to retrofit or replace.

Motorhome Equipment & Options

It can be confusing to consider all the options and equipment available when buying a motorhome. How you plan to use your motorhome will determine what equipment you choose.

Motorhome TV: Five Ways to See in Your Van

You will need a TV in your motorhome, whether you are on holiday or working full-time. Although you may not watch as much, it is a pleasure to be able curl up with a good film when it rains or when you are feeling lazy. This guide will show you how to install tv in your motorhome.

A Simple Motorhome Weight Guide

After being shocked at the weighbridge recently, we decided that it was time to research motorhome weights and how they are calculated. Motorhome weight guides can be complicated and a bit confusing. Read our simple guide to motorhome weight and get on the road.

Top 16: Best Motorhome Sat Navs for 2021

Recently, we changed our motorhome and decided to upgrade the old disc-driven satellite nav to a more current model. What type of sat nav should you choose?

A Guide to Motorhome Wifi & Internet

Access to the internet and wifi has become an essential part of modern life. It is easy to live in a motorhome. You can research, blog, use social media and keep in touch. Smart motorhome connectivity is essential. This is the definitive guide for how to get internet and wifi in a motorhome.

A Guide to Motorhome Electrics

Is it difficult to understand motorhome electrics? What is the working principle of motorhomes? What’s the difference between mains electricity, batteries, and solar panels? What do a solar panel and an inverter do? Do I need a generator or a solar panel? How do I get power from my motorhome without an EHU? This easy guide will help you understand your motorhome’s electrical system.

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