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The most important thing to remember when shopping for clothes is to accept your body type as is and dress for proper balance. This guide will help you embrace your body type and celebrate your best characteristics, as well as give you advice on how to choose the right hem length for your body type.

Types of skirts and how to choose the perfect length

Skirt with a small length

Hemline length can be broken down into four categories (by length). At least a few inches above the knee, the tiny hanfu skirt pattern or short skirt is worn. Choose a length that is either slightly above or slightly below the thickest section of your thigh when wearing a tiny skirt. Consider the occasion as well – tiny skirts have their own place and time. They are appropriate for nightlife and late-night parties, but not for formal occasions or conservative gatherings.

Knee-length skirt

For the most part, an at-the-knee skirt is the most flattering. An at-the-knee skirt falls just above or below the knee, as the name suggests. They’re appropriate for almost any occasion, with the exception of nightlife, where an at-knee skirt can be deemed too conservative (shop at-the-knee and above-the-knee hemlines).

Skirts with a midi or tea length

Tea length skirts, also known as midi skirts, hit at the broadest area of the calf. They visually reduce the length of your legs. This can be countered by wearing a midi skirt/dress with high heels or nude shoes, which will help to extend the legs. These skirts are an excellent alternative to a floor-sweeping gown for formal occasions.

Maxi dress or maxi skirt

A maxi skirt can be worn all the way to the floor or just above the ankle bone. The effect can be adjusted by displaying some skin on top because the maxi skirt covers the entire leg. They’re especially good for tall women (shop maxi hemlines).

Choosing a hemline that flatters your height

The best skirt length for petite ladies and women of low stature

For women who are 5’4″ or shorter, a tiny skirt that falls just above the knee exposes more skin, making the legs appear longer. Choose a skirt with a tight hem that falls just below the knee if you don’t like your knees. Flesh-toned shoes will extend the legs even further.

High-waisted A-line skirts serve to extend the waist while the small flare makes the legs appear thin. Another fantastic option is envelope skirts. Their diagonal cut also helps to lengthen the legs’ appearance.

Mini and maxi skirts should be avoided by petite women, especially if they have short legs. Knee-length skirts might be overwhelming. A slit skirt, on the other hand, can help you overcome this by allowing you to show some skin.

For ladies of normal height, the best skirt length is

  • Knee-length A-Lines are the finest choice for a woman of average height. They strike the ideal balance of skirt and leg.
  • For tall ladies, the best skirt length is the one that falls between the knees and the ankles.
  • Long, flowing dresses — at least knee length, but preferably longer – are best for taller women. Given a taller lady’s long legs, even a midi skirt will look fantastic.

Choosing a hemline that is appropriate for your body type

After you’ve narrowed down the hemline by height, consider your body type to arrive at the perfect skirt length.

For thin-boned women, the best skirt length is knee-length.

Long skirts should be avoided by thin boned figures because they will overpower your appearance. If you do decide to wear a long skirt, make sure it fits your hips and thighs correctly. A skirt that falls one or two inches over your knees is your best bet. To add weight to your outfit, layer it or choose thicker materials.

For ladies with an athletic frame, the best skirt length is knee-length (rectangle or straight shape)

Mini skirts that showcase well-toned legs look great with athletic builds. If your calves are particularly big, a longer fit-and-flare skirt with a hemline that falls just below the knee can help to trim them down. Midi skirts that fall just above the calves’ thickest part make them appear larger, which is ideal if you have thin calves.

For ladies with wide hips and thighs, the best skirt length is knee-length (pear or triangle shape)

To balance the legs, choose hemlines that are a few inches above or below the knee. An A-line skirt with a modest amount of fullness is your best bet. A little skirt can make bigger legs appear thinner and extended. You may also add width to your top by using horizontal stripes and bright colors on the upper half while keeping the bottom half drab.

For women with a large midsection, the best skirt length is knee-length (full waist or apple shape)

Mini skirts that bring attention to the midsection should be avoided by wide mid-section shapes. You want to make your body appear longer and pull attention away from your waist. Full-length skirts are flattering, but bulky belts around the waist should be avoided. Skirts with side zippers also help to lengthen the figure. If you want pleats, make sure they begin below the stomach to avoid adding bulk to the midsection.

Plus-size (curvy) women’s best skirt length

Baggy skirts should be avoided by plus-size women. Instead, opt for a knee-length skirt with some give (sleekened, not squeezed). Look for prints that will make you look longer (e.g. pinstripes, pleats).