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Soundbar articles such as this Polk Signa S2 critique are very popular since the interior speakers of all most modern, super-sleek television usually don’t impress.

If you should be reading that, you are contemplating option three: A sound-bar.

Even the Polk Signa S2 can be actually just really a sound-bar which it’s still possible to afford despite shelling out a chunk of change for the television. Maybe your Signa S2 a rewarding buy, or are there any better alternatives in its price point? Let us discover, you start with unboxing and original appearances.

Polk Signa S2 Inspection: Unboxing

Additionally, it will come with all of the wires you want. From the box are still an additional cable, an optical wire, and 2 power wires. Additionally, you will discover a consumer guide, a wall-mount guide, and also different pieces of paperwork.

In 2.1 inches, your Signa S2 comes with a very low profile which allows it to evaporate to a television standalone.

The impressive component of this Signa S2 is the side profile using metallic accents. Then there is the leading face, and this is coated in the solid mesh. What exactly is your top face; that the mesh face turns right to a plastic strip which holds a group of controls that are basic.

There’s not much in the manner of a display and you’ve got to be in for a row of LEDs in the middle of the face. The surface with this sound-bar has a set of keyhole slots to get a wall-mount along with also 2 insets that house that the input signal.


Being a real budget sound-bar, the Polk Signa S2 just includes three input signals. The left-most in-set carries a 3.5millimeter mini-port for the additional cable, an optical jack along with an ARC-enabled HDMI port. The ideal inset holds an electric interface.

Blue tooth connectivity permits the sound-bar to connect with its subwoofer. Additionally, it lets you send sound out of your own mobile device to the noise recorder.

Polk Signa S2 evaluation: Installation and ease of usage

Installation just lets you join with the sound-bar and the television with the HDMI, optical or additional cable. Your television will automatically find the sound-bar and station sound for it. Even the HDMI-ARC interface has CEC capacity and a feature that lets you get a grip on the sound-bar throughout the television itself. As the sound-bar lacks an electronic virtual display, here could be the simplest means to use the sound-bar.


Before engaging in the heart with the Polk Signa S2 inspection, let us see what sorts of drivers it’s. An oval-shaped motorist is still an oddity, but that is how Polk handles to attain a set sound-bar with drivers that are fairly powerful.

Close to each motorist is really actually just a one-inch tweeter which helps to do the greater treble frequencies.

It bears mentioning that the sound-bar lacks a separate center channel, which renders both the full-range drivers to generate a digital center station. This eliminates the general audio quality, in a few manners.

Sound Excellent

It needs to become the absolute most significant part of this Polk Signa S2 review. To assess the good quality of almost any sound-bar, we believe metrics such as solid accuracy, loudness, and harmonic distortion in the summit. In addition, we figure out whether the sound-bar supports varied sound formats of course if it’s equalizer functionality. We begin with:

1. Frequency reply

Polk promotes that its entire range drivers play accurate audio reproduction in a range of between 45Hz and 20KHz. The Polk Signa S2 Review includes a successful frequency assortment of 50Hz to 17KHz. This really is a somewhat wide’solid palette’ which will permit bass grades. Therefore, can it?

2. Sound phase and stereo

The Signa S2 is 3-5 inches, gives an approximation of the period of the sound stage.

The joyful result is step by step, defined noise whose individual items be noticeable while blending perfectly.

Even the subwoofer adds an additional dimension into the sound point; adding a lot of a surrounding texture and extending that the 50Hz bass ever so marginally.

3. Maximum volume and stimulation

That really is sufficient loudly in the event that you will need the amplitude in a noisy, crowded area. Still, that you never desire to arrive the amount that’s high quality. Beyond 80dB, different audio artifacts delve into one another and shed definition.

4. Equalizer and noise presets

You’ll locate pre-calibrated sound presets, that you can trigger with the remote. Select picture style such as impacts, music style for specified sound, and dialogue style for podcasts and audiobooks. The folks in Polk additionally include night style, which disrupts the bass components during nighttime time.

Since equalizers proceed, a pair of sound presets is the Signa S2 needs to offer you. There’s an allowance that allows you to correct the bass, however, perhaps maybe not the subwoofer.

What better way to complete our Polk Signa S2 critique compared just with a description of the way it actually sounds. Your favorite activity landscape comes alive as you’re feeling the entire effect of a three-stage burst. You will snowball as the following recourse of debris crashes all around the protagonist. Even the subwoofer will roar you as being a gas line catches fire.

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