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If you like beer and are in search of a new beer fridge then it is worth your time to do some research before buying one. How low can a beer fridge actually go? A beer fridge can bring down their temperature anywhere up to 50F(10c). But colder is not always better.

Usually the colder the cooler, the better. There are beer fridge that can handle temperatures of up to -80F (ford fact they can even come with a thermostat). Of course, this means that you will have to constantly monitor the temperature inside them. It would be very annoying if you pour your beer and only to find out that it is too cold inside the beer fridge! Especially, when you have guests over and need to serve beer, which is at room temperature.

Many people however are not worried about the temperature at all and just want something that is functional, attractive, and blends in well with their home bar design. So how low can a refrigerator go? Well a lower end beer fridge will probably be around half the price of a mid-range one and offer just as much functionality. The cheapest fridge on the market is the kuppet beer fridge which although a low-end manufacturer still makes some great models. These low noise, fridge freezers are ideal for people who want to get great tasting beer at home without having to disturb their neighbors.

A beer fridge that does not run on electricity but has an electrical outlet built-in is the perfect beer fridge for a person who likes to entertain and loves entertaining. Many of these units come standard with a built in interior light as well as a clear door which makes pouring your beer no problem. However, you can also purchase units that come with lighting, glass doors, and even those with LCD screens! Clear doors allow you to see what you are pouring which is essential when you have guests over.

Another thing to consider when choosing a beer fridge is the amount of space it is going to require. Most units will come standard with around five cubic feet of space but you can increase this amount if you wish. If you do not have a large house or room to keep a fridge then a steel model will be just fine for you. A stainless steel fridge is very easy to clean, looks great, and most come standard with four cubic feet of space. A steel fridge is also very durable and able to withstand a lot of use. A lot of steel also means that you can fit them in tight places and not worry about them getting knocked over.

If you are looking for something a little more special then you might want to consider a kegerator. These refrigerators will require direct sunlight in order to operate properly. A lot of people love their generators as they can store a lot of beer and they come with beautiful designs such as LED lighting and a compressor. There are also models on the market with built in cooling systems such as a chiller to help lower the temperature inside and a fan for circulating air.

You should also look at what features there are on a beer fridge as some of these have a lot of added benefits over others. Some refrigerators will have a compressor that will help save money on your electricity bill if you drink a lot of beer. The compressor will also save you money as you won’t need to waste time and energy running the generator as it will run in turbo mode which saves on time and energy. Turbo mode will turn the fridge on automatically when it is colder and will keep the keg chilled for longer resulting in fresher tasting beer.

If you want to get the absolute best from your beer fridge then get a unit with a built in calendar. A calendar is simply a calendar on the side of the fridge, which you can set the temperature for and then keep it there. When your beers are not as cold as you would like them to be this helps keep the keg in the fridge longer allowing it to chill your wine. This feature will save you money as you will only need to buy less beer to go along with your barbeque and you will always be able to have the perfect temperature for your friends and family. So put a little thought into purchasing your next beer fridge and see how much it can improve your kitchen.