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8 Best GTA 5 Game Mods Dining Tables That Will Be Great Addition To Your Home

One of the most significant pieces of furniture in your home is the dining table. You’ll rarely invest in a bigger focal point for guests and family than the centerpiece of many a dining room or living room. And, given that you’ll hopefully have yours for many years, it’s not a decision to be made lightly.

Starting with an aesthetic and design style is the greatest place to start. Figure out what kind of feel you want to achieve with your home design and whether it would suit a modern, industrial, or comfortable dining table, and go from there. To make things easier, we’ve categorized our top picks for the best dining tables to purchase in 2022 by design style, including contemporary, farmhouse, and even extensible dining table options that let you quickly alter your space for larger gatherings.

We’ve compiled a list of the best dining room tables to buy right now, ranging from those best suited for huge dinner parties to those that will instantly make your home feel more informal. Your home will never have looked so magnificent, with solid oak and marble types to round dining tables.

What is the best dining table?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to dining tables. It all depends on your personal preferences, the size of your dining area, the number of people who will be seated at the table, and whether or not you require an extended table. In a more minimalist kitchen or dining room, you may prefer something with a sleek contemporary feel, while farmhouse styles might look wonderful for a more subtle, yet still elegant look. We’ve divided down a few of the design styles to look out for, as well as our favorite items from each, to make things easier.

Extendable dining tables that are the greatest

Extendable tables are ideal for tiny areas that you may not want to fill with a six- or eight-seater dining table. They allow you to keep things small most of the time while yet catering to dinner parties when you need it.

Made Parlo Extending Dining Table, 6-8 Seats

A simple dining table design can never go wrong, regardless of your interior design taste. This Made model offers the ability to operate in both smaller settings and for times when you have a larger party round, giving you the option to dress it up or down depending on how you want the table set, as well as to extend it from six to eight seats. When you combine the Scandanavian design with the three color possibilities (oak, dark stain wood, and oak/charcoal black), you’ve got yourself a dining table fit for any occasion. £525. is a website dedicated to the creation of unique products.

Foxbury Extendable Dining Table by Soho Home

If we were to pick the best table for entertaining large people, Soho Home’s Foxbury would be at the top of the list. The table is created from a solid oak base with a butterfly expansion mechanism that changes it into a table suited for up to eight people, drawing influence from Soho House’s 76 Dean Street location and wooden furniture styles. If you set the table properly, this will be one of the most gorgeous models available. £2,995. is a website dedicated to all things soho.

Extendable Dining Table Oka Kaishu

If your dining table is going to be the focal point of your dining area, something more dramatic than a wooden table can truly add drama. This Oka Kaishu table, in a sleek black finish, is perfect for more formal dinner gatherings, thanks to its exquisite color and curved legs. The expandable feature also allows you to convert it from an eight-seater to a ten-seater by using the simple butterfly leaf mechanism. £3,895. On the website,

Oak Dining Table by Cox & Cox

When blonde oak is combined with a chevron tabletop design, tapered legs, and an extended butterfly mechanism, you have one magnificent dining table. The light oak color is excellent for a more neutral, minimalist decor, and with the correct table setting and centerpiece, you can make it more of a statement piece. £1,395. is a website dedicated to the law firm of Cox and Cox.

The nicest dining tables made of wood

While marble, steel, and glass dining tables have become increasingly fashionable in recent years, we keep going back to hardwood tables. Their designs are more soothing than the others because they are classic yet still contemporary. This is the type of thing you’ll discover in our house.

Wingrove Dining Table (Made)

The Wingrove dining table is one of the most modest, stripped-back options we’ve seen, but ever since Harry Styles’ photograph with Better Homes & Garden magazine, we’ve been daydreaming of a table like it in our own house, and the Wingrove was the closest we could come. It’s our new favorite since it keeps things discreet while providing a calm and rustic, yet still contemporary, touch to any kitchen or dining room. Harry, thank you for your never-ending source of inspiration. At, the price is £495.

Modi Reclaimed Wood Extendable Dining Table by Barker & Stonehouse

Reclaimed wood can give a piece a really beautiful feel, giving it a lot of character and making it feel like, for lack of a better word, part of your home’s furniture. The hardwood top has natural knots and grain, which we think contribute to the piece’s charm, while the base features splayed legs that compliment the darker wooden top’s matt black finish. And the icing on the cake? Thanks to a useful table leaf that can be kept within, the table may be extended. You’ll have nailed the wooden dining table aesthetic if you add some matching benches. £535. is a website dedicated to Barker and Stonehouse.

Calne Dining Table by Soho Home

A dining table is a significant investment, and you’ll want to be sure that when you buy one, it’s built to survive much beyond its current use in your home. The table, which is made of British Pippy Oak, has a substantial weight to it that immediately gives it a premium appearance, thanks to the natural finish on the sides and the fact that knots and cracks have been highlighted rather than buried in the design. Every table is made to order and will be absolutely unique, making it something you can be proud to exhibit in your home. £7,646. is a website dedicated to all things soho.

Industrial furniture may be a terrific way to add character to a more modern space. Industrial dining tables are distinguished by their use of contrasting wood and metal elements, with hardwood tabletops and metal legs, giving them an unpolished, casual vibe that works well in more urban settings. Of course, if you have exposed brickwork in your home, this is a great option.

Mazanli Oia High Dining Table in Black

Mazanli has been linked with industrial designs, beginning with an industrial handcrafted bed frame and now expanding to include dining tables. The Black Oia table is built of black steel legs and has an oak top for a classic design. It’s all about breaking away from the traditional symmetry of industrial designs in favor of something a little more daring. At, the price is £6,190.

Hairpin Dining Table by John Lewis & Partners

John Lewis and Partners never disappoints when it comes to sturdy furniture that is both elegant and well-crafted while being affordable. This tiny dining table, which features a minimalist metal frame with hairpin legs and a solid oak veneer top for a sleek, clean aesthetic, is one of our most cheap favorites. This rectangle table is ideal for smaller spaces or more compact locations. £299. Visit for more information.

Because of its darker mango wood, this dining table, designed by Tim Fenby, has a more inviting appeal than some industrial designs. It’s pared-back and modest, yet highly effective in a minimalist room when paired with cast aluminum legs. And the icing on the cake? It may be expanded to accommodate up to eight people. £850. is a website dedicated to the creation of unique products.

Farmhouse may be the style for you if you want to create a very relaxing atmosphere in your home. These tables are typically made of oak or pine wood and inspired by vintage wooden tables, giving your living area a rustic and slightly retro atmosphere. The difference is that, while truly rustic pieces strive to keep the wood’s natural feel and appearance, farmhouse styles are more refined, often incorporating colors to give more conventional tables a modern twist.

Painswick Farmhouse Table by Cotswold Company

This wood dining table is great for modest rooms, whether you’re searching for a table for your kitchen or have limited space in your dining room. It’s a contemporary spin on farmhouse designs with a light pine tabletop and painted grey legs, and it’s best suited for seating four people. £275. is a website dedicated to the Cotswold area.

The Iona Dining table is an easy win for any environment, featuring a farmhouse style with an industrial twist. The pebble grey colorway pairs well with the pine for a casual, yet classy atmosphere. £675. is a website dedicated to the creation of unique products.

The best modern dining tables are:

Contemporary dining tables are one of the most well-known interior design trends, with a modern vibe that is generally defined by minimalism and the use of clean lines.

Flower Dining Table by Horm & Casamania

The Horm & Casamania Flower table, which combines a marble base with a solid walnut wood tabletop, is one of our favorites. The table is extendable yet designed to look excellent both open and closed thanks to the moving arm that allows the table to expand in a flower-like form rather than using runners. It is best suited to rooms with abundant of natural light. It’s a clean, contemporary look that we love. At, the price is £2,584.