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Project Leader Lorena Cárdenas Organisation Red Académica de Diseño Designed By Iván Pérez Project Location Colombia Project Website Name of nominating Icsid Member organisation Asociación Colombiana Red Académica de Diseño

Please describe the project and the challenge it intended to address

Saveonelife born world problems of landmines that maim and end each year with the lives of thousands of human beings. Our goal is to save a life.
Saveonelife is an electronic device that detects landmines aimed at people who are exposed to these explosive devices, for example: military troops, Eradicators of illicit crops and farmers.

The device is designed according to the physiology of the foot, allowing it to be installed as an overlay on any type of footwear. Is provided with a planar coil printed on a conductive material, which acts as a metal detector. Also has a microprocessor and a radio transmitter that sends a signal that is recognized by a receptor located in the user's wrist.

When an element having the features of a mine is within a range of 2 meters, a warning signal is sent to the user. The user has a bracelet receiver whose display shows the affected area and locate antipersonnel mine, preventing the detonation of this. This project was developed by members of Lemur Studio Design studio based in Bogota who rely on the design thinking when designing, saw an opportunity in a problem that affects the world and wanted to make their contribution to counter and from there SaveOneLife was created.

What are the objectives of the project and are the outcomes same as those originally intended?

The project's main objective is to save a life, we think that a life is priceless any, is the most valuable thing we have and what more we should protect given that when one of them is affected by a mine, not only that life is affected but also many other nearby people and all those who are related, a mine not just one person attacks, attacks whole families, friends etc.., people surrounding the victim. It seeks to make the project and thus actually contribute to the problem with which we are sure that many people will be grateful for being saved from a mine, together we can fight.

How was the community engaged through the life cycle of the project?

He spent much time in research, web sites were consulted in many countries which have programs and projects to combat landmines and your information about the mines, was investigated on the amount and types of mines that exist today, their seeding times and methods, detonation times, places where usually are planted or abandoned, we consult members of the military in the country who know this reality and the daily fight. We also do consulting and technology devices that could help us with this project as a conceptual project being always perform as realistic as possible.

Include the society of interest and describe any other relevant stakeholders and partners that were involved or consulted.

The idealization, project conceptualization and development SaveOneLife was always by Lemur Studio (Iván Pérez, Lorena Cárdenas and Felipe Uribe) who made after investigation to go deeper into the problem globally and who finally created SaveOneLife, taking into account that it is a conceptual project economic resources were really low, so if required the project throughout its implementation was intellectual and human resources.

How has this project benefited the community of interest?

Our goal is to save a life, to be able to perform the project and confirm its viability will be a contribution to the problems and support organizations that fight the same topic every day, we intend to make the task a little more bearable for people who are constantly in danger because of where they live and fight and not only the army but to help the farmers who are doing their daily work in constant danger because of the proximity to these devices.

What metrics are used to track the impact of the project?

Because the project is conceptual at this time the only thing that has been proven to generate impact are opinions of those who have been outstanding, or aware that followed the project in the process of doing.

How will winning the Prize raise awareness of the project and further its impact?

It is an initiative of a group of young people who work on behalf of society and proposing solutions that will contribute to this. This is a project that provides a global solution, which affects not only a particular group of people, not just one country but affects us all and when it comes to everyone means that affects the world in general, and that are over 144 countries that have planted mines in their territories, of which many still made the, others continue to spread and society is the one who keeps falling on them, no one is exempt because even in cities you can find these artifacts. It is then as with this project arises and is intended to help counteract the problems contributing to global looking for the common good and not just the individual.

Briefly describe the challenges the project currently faces

At this time the problem that the project would be the technology in terms of the template because according to our research is carried out by means of nano-technology which would be very expensive to do in a country like Colombia and would require external entities, of other countries, for the successful completion of the project.

Please include any other relevant information you would like to share

Life is the most valuable and that's why we must protect, no one has the right to take anyone else. Our goal is to save a life.

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